Wests Tigers Podcast 0300

Eddie is joined by the whole team for a milestone edition of the pod!

We made it to the big 300! What a ride getting to this major milestone it has been for the Wests Tigers Podcast.

On this special edition of the pod, Eddie Otto is in the driver’s seat, joined by Joel Helmes, Steve Stretton, Declan McCutcheon, and Garry Watson.

The boys talk about the 300 podcast milestone, the highlights of being a Wests Tigers fan since the pod came into being, and our highlights from the podcast.

There are also some brave and bold predictions for what might happen for our team and club before the 400th, 500th, and 600th episodes.

Steve also shares information on the coming fan events being held by The Ambush, and there are details on an exciting new concept being trialed this year – coach transport to Wests Tigers matches.

Joel has all the details on that new concept, including how you can get your tickets to join us for a road trip to Bathurst.

Then Eddie, Steve, Garry, and Declan take a deep dive into the Wests Tigers forward stocks for 2024.

This a follow-up to the last edition of the pod where the backs were put under the microscope, this time the engine room gets a thorough examination.

The boys take a look at the areas of strength, and the areas that have us worried when it comes to impact and depth up front.

And don’t miss a condensed version of Yioti’s Quiz!

Thank you for your support through the years and for helping us get to 300 editions!

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