Wests Tigers Podcast 0298

Joel, Garry and Declan discuss the latest out of Concord

The biggest off-season in Wests Tigers history has continued with the departure of the club’s longest-serving player.

David Nofoaluma played 192 games for the club over a decade, but earlier this week he accepted a sizeable payout to walk away from the final two years of his contract.

On this edition of the Wests Tigers Podcast we take a look at the Wests Tigers career of the man called ‘Nofa’ and discuss why things went south for him.

The move has also opened up a couple of interesting situations that we also discuss.

Firstly, who are now most likely our two starting wingers in 2024? Will it be Staines and Tupou? Or, are there other options Benji Marshall is considering?

Secondly, what do we do with the vacant roster spot? Is it best to hold on to the spot and see where we might need strengthening mid-season? Or, do we go to market now?

Another topic for discussion is just the enormous amount of change that has occurred in recent months with a long list of departures including Pascoe, Hagipantelis, Fulton, Sheens, Brooks, and now Nofoaluma.

With the first trial match just a few weeks away, we hope you enjoy this edition of the pod.

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  1. I like that we can use development players from rd1 instead of rd10.So no need to rush to fill top 30 spot.We have locked up Miller and Galvin to stop poachers. Maybe we do that,Faaguta,Kit Laulilii?

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