Wests Tigers Podcast 0168

stefano utoikamanu wests tigers

A special edition of the Wests Tigers Podcast today, a one-on-one interview with Stefano Utoikamanu.

Garry Watson sits down with ‘The Ute’ to talk life, football, and the Wests Tigers.

On the brink of a return to the field after an injury layoff, Stefano gives us an inside look at the 2022 team, and what he sees as the differences compared to last year’s team.

The big front-rower also speaks about what it means to him to be at the club, what it’s like playing under Michael Maguire, and what his ambitions are in the game.

Also, find out which team Stefano Utoikamanu loves to beat more than any other!

And we ask the big man your questions for him posted on the Wests Tigers Podcast Forum.

He’s a fan favourite, and a top guy!

We hope you enjoy this special edition of the Wests Tigers Podcast with Stefano Utoikamanu as our very special guest.

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  1. This is fantastic, great interview. I enjoyed every minute of it. More of it if you can

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