2021 Wests Tigers Podcast Awards

2021 might not have been the Wests Tigers best season so far, but we’d still like to hand out some accolades.

We figured, who better to determine who gets these awards than the people who follow this team week in and week out, our fellow fans.

Thanks for taking a few moments to submit your votes, we will announce the winners on an upcoming edition of the podcast.

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  1. Good luck boys in 2022… All will be better after a pre season together… The younger guys that came through.. Job well done for a under done side… Hence a pre season together will put all that together

  2. Madge Maguire… Look forward too seeing what you can do with these boys. Difficult year… Hope you and the boys well next year.

    • Madge Maguire… Can’t wait to see what you can do next year with the young talent we have… Difficult season.. It happens… looking forward to next year and thanks for all your efforts

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