Wests Tigers Podcast 0334

Joel, Garry and Eddie with the latest Wests Tigers Podcast!

Another very disappointing weekend for the Wests Tigers with the side falling well short against the Dragons.

That’s despite a quite promising start to the game by our guys.

But what’s come following that Friday night game has been an even more difficult pill to swallow – the reports that two of our best young players want out of the club.

On this edition of the Wests Tigers Podcast, Joel Helmes, Eddie Otto, and Garry Watson discuss the situation around the future of Lachlan Galvin.

Should we be concerned? Is this a Tedesco and Moses situation all over again? Or will Shane Richardson be able to manage the situation?

There’s also a look at the coach. We hate to see it, but Benji Marshall is increasingly falling under the spotlight as the team records loss after loss.

But is Benji actually doing enough work? And what does it look like if we put more support around him?

And we bring also you all the one-word responses to Friday night’s game against the Dragons from members of the Wests Tigers Podcast Forum.

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