Wests Tigers Podcast 0326

Joel, Eddie and Garry on board for latest WTP!

The Wests Tigers Podcast is back for another post-game edition, once again we’re discussing a defeat.

Joel Helmes is joined by Eddie Otto and Garry Watson for a look back at the game against the Newcastle Knight in Tamworth.

As usual, there’s a heap of One Word descriptions submitted by our fellow fans for that Knights game that we run through, including our own.

We’re doing pretty well with our defense (with a few exceptions) but attack and point scoring remains the Wests Tigers’ Achilles heel in 2024 (again!).

We take a look at the Tigers attack on this edition of the pod, including a look at how Isaiah Papalli went in his new position of Lock.

There’s an analysis of the Jayden Sullivan performance, and naturally Brent Naden gets put under the microscope too.

And Joel, Garry and Eddie give their thoughts on the Member’s email sent by the CEO of Wests Tigers, Shane Richardson.

We’re on a six-game losing streak but there’s still a bit of room for some fun on this big edition of the Wests Tigers Podcast.

Ohh and if you’re wondering where Joel went mid-show – we can blame that on an electricity Blackout!


  1. Bula got a short dropout.Bula should go to wing on short drop outs and Staines to fullback for that moment.Papalli to lock is good coaching because of Papalli lateral movement getting beaten by players. Naden lucky to be in this week. Olam should have been against Best.

  2. Nov 1st we need to chase Willison from Broncos and Tapuha and Kaufusi from Sharks contracts end in 25. All in early 20,s 17 stone props/2nd rows. Broncos have cap issues trying to keep their centres and sharks have Hazelton,Hunt,Uele,Rudolph and AFB coming next year.On about 400 I think.

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