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Joel, Garry, Steve and Kelly with the latest WTP!

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The Wests Tigers review is now underway with two leading experts putting the club under the microscope.

However, there appears to still be some confusion about both the Wests Tigers governance and management structure, as well as what the review is actually looking at.

So, we thought we might try to clear things up on this edition of the Wests Tigers Podcast.

Fresh from a long face-to-face discussion with the man leading the review, Gary Barnier, Joel Helmes is joined by Steve Stretton, Kelly Hollis, and Garry Watson, all of whom took part in the meeting.

Hit play or download this edition of the Wests Tigers Podcast to hear our thoughts on the meeting, and why we are optimistic the review has a good chance of providing the crucial changes we all want in our club.

We also hope to give a little more clarity around the board structure of both the Holman Barnes Group and Wests Tigers.

And take a closer look at the process that is actually taking place through the review, along with some estimates of when the review findings might be presented to the Holman Barnes Group.

It was an excellent meeting with Gary Barnier, we hope this podcast leaves you all feeling as confident in him and the process as we felt after our catch-up.


  1. This podcast was named as the last one for 2023 and that any subsequent pods will be focused on 2024 and after listening to this one 2033 has ended on a very hopeful and positive note.

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