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Steve and Joel talk the departure of the Tim Sheens

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Well, it’s happened again – the Wests Tigers have parted ways with another coach, this time Premiership winner Tim Sheens.

Just one year into a five-year plan that was supposed to see Sheens hold on to the head coaching role for 2023 and 2024, the veteran coach has told the Wests Tigers administration that he’s had enough.

On this edition of the Wests Tigers Podcast, Joel Helmes and Steve Stretton take a look at the decision to allow Tim Sheens to depart.

Some of the key issues looked at include:

  • Has the departure of Sheens been on the cards since Scott Fulton was appointed?
  • Is this another failing of the Wests Tigers board?
  • Should Justin Pascoe and Lee Hagipantelis take responsibility?
  • Is this just another example of the dysfunction that seems to plague our club?

Joel and Steve also look at the pressure this move might place on rookie coach Benji Marshall in 2024 and beyond.

It was another interesting day in Wests Tigers land, we hope you enjoy our analysis of the Tim Sheens departure.

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