Wests Tigers Podcast 0245

Joel, Eddie, Garry and Steve with the latest from tiger town

Regular listeners of the Wests Tigers Podcast will know that we always try to be optimistic and look for the positives.

We’re sorry, but right now there really isn’t anything to be positive about when it comes to the Wests Tigers organisation.

This edition of the Wests Tigers Podcast is open, honest, and a little raw as well.

Joel Helmes, Steve Stretton, Garry Watson, and Eddie Otto take a look at the club’s tenth straight NRL loss, our fifth straight loss for 2023.

Again, though without too much enthusiasm, Brooks and Doueihi are on the agenda.

Then they get into the bigger picture issues such as the performance of CEO, Justin Pascoe. The Tigers boss is again in the spotlight, this time for incidents before and during the Broncos game.

Should Daine Laurie be sacked? We give our opinion on the future of the fullback after he was caught liking video clips of Broncos’ tries scored against his club.

The incident is the latest in a line of poor judgment moments for Laurie.

It’s dark days for the Wests Tigers, we hope you enjoy this rather frank discussion on the current plight of our much-loved club.

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