Wests Tigers Podcast 0218

Eddie, Garry and Steve with the latest on the Wests Tigers!

Don’t worry what Eddie says, this is actually episode number 218 of the Wests Tigers Podcast!

Eddie Otto regains his composure to lead Steve Stretton and Garry Watson on a one-hour journey through the latest Wests Tigers news.

On the agenda is the recent signing of Penrith flyer, and Premiership winner, Charlie Staines.

The boys take a look at what Charlie brings to the Tigers, and what his signing might mean to existing Wests Tigers such as Daine Laurie and Ken Maumalo.

Going the other way, in other words leaving Concord, will be Zane Musgrove and Tyrone Peachey. Eddie, Garry, and Steve take a look at what holes that pair might leave in our roster.

Former skipper James Tamou has linked up with the Cowboys, was that a surprise?

With the loss of a few props this off-season, are the Wests Tigers looking light on up front for 2023? Will another prop be coming our way? If so, Leniu? Klemmer?

Once again, Luke Brooks and his future also comes up for discussion on this edition.

There’s also a look at the latest developments around the Wests Tigers home grounds for next year.

And where should our expectations be for NRL season 2023? Are we struggling again? Or is there a bright new future looming?


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