Wests Tigers Podcast 0217

Joel, Garry and Declan take a look at Ask the Boss

The Wests Tigers yesterday released the latest edition of a concept not seen for a couple of years “Ask the Boss”.

Hosted by Wests Tigers CEO, Justin Pascoe, the segment was a fairly regular offering when Ivan Cleary coached the Tigers.

Naturally, the version released this week features the incoming Wests Tigers Head Coach, Tim Sheens.

If you missed “Ask the Boss” you can view it here.

On this edition of the Wests Tigers Podcast, Joel Helmes, Declan McCutcheon, and Garry Watson respond to the segment.

We take a look at the important information that came out of the segment, including:

  • Wests Tigers currently have 29 contracted players for 2023
  • In 2023 the Wests Tigers will play a different style of football
  • Wests Tigers intend to play the majority of home games at Leichhardt and Campbelltown

There’s also discussion around Tim Sheens’ rather bullish statements regarding how desirable we are to potential player recruits.

We also ask, is Justin Pascoe the right person to host the segment? Who exactly is this segment targeting?

And we also answer a question sent in by Mike, a loyal member of the Wests Tigers Podcast Forum, about club culture, and what exactly that is.

We hope you enjoy this special edition version of the Wests Tigers Podcast and we hope to publish another podcast in the not-too-distant future (dependant primarily on player signing news).


  1. Bonjour. When trying to sell an Organisation, the “optics” are important.
    * It may sound trivial, but a CEO who appears to struggles to even present himself professionally says a lot about the place (Collar & Tie is not difficult, nor combing his hair).
    * Tim loose the Cap.
    *Your comments around Justin being there as host, is valid. Don’t we have a Media Manager? I think we do…..
    *Having said that,I think Justin has done an outstanding job with the Finances of the Club.
    *Your comments re the Board are regrettably spot on.

    I think your Podcast is Intelligent and well balanced.

    The Frog…….

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