Wests Tigers Podcast 0192

Eddie, Garry, Declan and Steve talk all things Wests tigers!

When it comes to 2022 for the Wests Tigers it seems a case of “The dogs are barking but the caravan rolls on.”

On this edition of the Wests Tigers Podcast, Eddie Otto is joined by Garry Watson, Declan McCutcheon, and Steve Stretton to talk about the latest Wests Tigers news and issues.

First up, Adam Doueihi and his calls to either get the number six jersey or give him a go at five-eight in NSW Cup.

Is it good to see a Wests Tigers player backing himself like this? Or, is it unacceptable that a player tells his coach and club where he wants to be picked?

The boys get into a rather spirited debate about that hot topic.

Speaking of hot topics, Luke Brooks has broken ranks and called out the high-level people at the club that appear to be leaking information to the media.

It’s fun being a Wests Tigers fan at the moment, isn’t it?

The boys also take a look at the latest on the coaching saga, including naming each of their own top three picks for the top job at Concord.

There’s a preview of the big clash with the Eels.

And Eddie puts on his best Tony Barber impersonation for the big Wests Tigers Podcast Quiz!


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