Wests Tigers Podcast 0148

wests tigers podcast

The Wests Tigers fell short to an injury-ravaged Melbourne Storm at Commbank Stadium on Saturday night.

On this edition of the Wests Tigers Podcast, Joel Helmes jumps into the host chair and is joined by Steve Stretton and Garry Watson for a post-mortem of the Storm loss.

What were the positives? What were the areas that need to be improved if this Tigers team is going to challenge for a finals spot?

We also go to you, our Wests Tigers Podcast Forum members, and Facebook followers to voice some of your opinions on the game.

There’s also a wrap-up of a successful ‘Ambush’ event before the match, an event that featured the Wests Tigers CEO, Justin Pascoe.

And we find out which member of the Wests Tigers Podcast team is pulling some questionable quiz and tipping moves!

We didn’t get the points against the Storm, but we hope you still enjoy this edition of the podcast.

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  1. I agree with the interchange it was apauling. Theory of giving our 2 best players a rest of kelma and luci 10min before and 10 mins after would give them more attacking flare and refueled to finish strong. Mikaeli would be my obvious choice to replace Garner or Seyfarth. I like seyfarth atm is prone to give penalties to over enthusiastic at times.
    Brooks needs to surrender the 7 to hastings we are a far better team when Hastings plays 7 and probes. He is just a 100% competitor and you can see he is hungry for the ball. Atm looks like he is not trying to over play his hand due to respect of luke but that will fall short soon. Hastings will want the ball and I believe Luke brooks is emitionally broken where as Hastings does not care he is tough as they come.
    My theory is Hastings leads and aprentice madden plays second fiddle then you have 2 organisers. Hastings senior so no longer trying not to over step brooks and madden happy to be in 17 and playing freely young enthusiastic. To me brooks is broken madden and hastings hungry. They played together in trials and killed it for that short passage. Both looked free and it just felt refreshing.
    I have huge hopes and belueve we have the team if mcguire gets our bench right. Mans up with Brooks and give madden a crack and let those 2 show us what they have. Brooks to 14 could cover multiple position with Jofa and Peach sharing 13. I was pleased with jofa and peachy brings us atracking options.
    Up the tigers

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