Wests Tigers Podcast 0074

wests tigers podcast

Wests Tigers fans, what went wrong against the Gold Coast Titans on Sunday night?

On this edition of the Wests Tigers Podcast we try to answer whether the immensely disappointing result was a sign of bigger problems in the culture of the club.

Or was it just the wrong players, the wrong mix, just bad luck, or a Titans team that wanted it more?

Then we turn our attention to the Canberra Raiders, a team that has done nothing less than bully the Wests Tigers in recent years.

Our focus, in particular, is on the significant changes made to the Tigers team by Michael Maguire.

We hope you join us for this important edition of the Wests Tigers Podcast…

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  1. I began following Balmain in 1945. They were then the team that came home with a wet sail. They were fit and they were a team and every other team was scared of their performance in the last 10 to 20 Minutes. The players were paid a pittance and they worked as boilermakers, milkmen, garbos and dunny-carters to build fitness. Our teams these days are pussy cats in the last minutes and have no killer instinct.
    When you talk about Goalf Kickers remember Joe Jorgenson, Pat Devery, Keith Barnes or recently Pat Richards. (We recently lost Moses, Momorovski etc)

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