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Welcome to the first ever Wests Tigers Podcast! What a time to start a podcast about the greatest NRL team ever.

New coach, new season, some new players and a new hope for improved on-field results.

This week we talk about…

  • The coach swap – goodbye Ivan Cleary and welcome Michael Maguire.
  • The signing of Zane Musgrove
  • Home grounds – how many is too many?
  • Is Jacob Liddle the future long-term hooker at Wests Tigers?
  • Do we need to get rid of the five captains strategy?
  • And does the NRL need to rethink Golden Point?

All that and more on this week’s edition of the Wests Tigers Podcast.


  1. Excellent really enjoyed the podcast, here’s to many more guys!!
    Question: Do you think that Tyson Gamble can develop into a regular first grader? Has a good kicking game and size…but have we found his ideal position yet?

  2. what an awesome podcast. very professional and informative. I think both voices need to be leveled as one’s clearer and loader than the other. I rate Thompson and Mbye our best backs but their height leaves us vulnerable to bombs so I think we need a tall winger like most clubs have

  3. Great work guys, very professional. Old Balmain tragic here as well. Love the Wests Tigers though and better times ahead for us.

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