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Rugby League getting too technical?

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One of the reasons I stopped watching Rugby Union was the officiating had become too technical. Games were being won and lost on technicalities rather than the flow of the game. 

Rugby League is heading down the same path with many decisions based on technicalities rather than the play. 

The obstruction rule being a major bugbear along with others that have crept into the game. How can it be obstruction when nobody is hindered. That’s often just a technicality rather than an actual obstruction. 

The dropped balls over the line that clearly are not but are interpreted as such. 

How long will it be before Rugby League loses its audience in the same way Rugby Union has?

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Rugby union should be a real warning for rugby league. Doesn’t matter how popular you are, it can all go belly up as it has for rugby. 
I agree Mike. Becoming way too technical. 2 refs, no bunker. Accept that there will be human error 

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