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Live game day thread Rd 10 v Cowboys

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Tough effoet from the boys tonight.

We were behind the 8ball from the start with injuries having to play the 2 juniors.

Then to lose simpkon and Brooks - we did very well to keep competing.

All this is building the team experience. Once we get our AD, Laurie back, the boys will go up 2 gears.

A fair appraisal I think,and without all the gloom and doom.Good to see someone maintaining an air of optimism.We’ve been absolutely poleaxed by injury and never threw the towel in last nightThis team has improved markedly and is hanging in there through adversity.Thankyou Frullens!

Effort was there but simple errors are killing the effort and confidence of the team. This missed tackle (I think it was Kelma) on the prop that led to a try was way too lazy. We need to be more tuned in and play smarter.

Madge was clear in presser that the defence wasn't up to standard.

Every player, doesn't matter the injuries, knows their role and will be kept accountable.

Which is what you want the coach and team to be saying  even if as fans we can see reasons for the result.

We were in the game up until that try.

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Sigh noises. 

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