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Wests Tigers Podcast episode 0173

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There were some fireworks on last night's Wests Tigers Radio live broadcast post the disappointing loss to the Cowboys.

Listen live to Wests Tigers Radio.

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Good chat! Really enjoying it so far. 

In regards to the turnaround of the club, we need to realise that the club are (for lack of a better word) losers.

The Sharks turned it around quickly but they are the modern day Sharks. We are Souths before Asotasi and Crowe.

There is a smell about the Tigers that needs to be rid of. If you are a young superstar, 2 clubs are after you, one is the Tigers and it is similar money...where are you going?

Something massive needs to happen for quick success or we need to be patient. As much as we have been patient, you can only deal with what you have currently. 

I wish it was quicker but I do like what I see and think we are slowly on the right path. A hybrid of the recent rise of Penrith from within and selling that future to jag a few big signings. They need to be the right big signings, of course, with plenty of leadership to show the young guys how to be professional players.