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As our little community continues to grow we have made the decision to add a few more moderators to the forum. This is just to allow a few more eyes to try and maintain the high standards that we are all enjoying on this site as new members sign up. There are a lot of people we could have asked to this role as the communication and respect shown on this forum has been extremely high and we would like to thank everyone for maintaining such a high standard.


We are very pleased and thankful to


@frullens and


for agreeing to help moderate the site, they join our current moderating team of



@helmesy and myself.


I am sure this forum will continue to be a pleasure to maintain and would also like to thank everyone for making this site an amazing place to discuss the Wests Tigers and Rugby League in general.

In memory of Geoff Chisholm (1965-2022)

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Well done guys, thanks for being involved and as Garry said, thanks to all our members for being respectful and friendly. 

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Well done and thank you to all of you

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